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We are expecting over 200 members of the media both local and international. To assist in their preparations, and to ensure that what we will provide will meet their expectations we have put together a brief description of services that we are planning to offer.

Media Manager
Natasa Pirperi
Email: npirperi@rhodes2007.info

Media Centre:

The Media Centre will be located in the Esperos Palace Hotel, on
the east side of the island.

Dates of Operation
: 12:00 noon Thursday June 28 to 12:00 noon Saturday 7 th July

Hours of Operation:
08:00 till 22:00

Accredited Media only.

Equipment & Services:
Current plans for the Media Centre call for approximately 30 workstations. We will have 20 PC's and 10 jacks that will allow those who have their own laptops to plug in and operate. We will offer all business services (fax, copies, network printing etc). The workstations will have internet access, and thus have access to the Live Games Results system which is being provides by EXIS (the same company that provided this service at the Shetland and Guernsey Games). We will have personnel on hand to assist you with various matters that might come up. In all hotels of the Esperia Group which houses the Media Centre, guests, Media, etc can also obtain a special card for the use of Wireless Internet for a cost of 50 Euros for unlimited use during the week of the Games

To obtain your accreditation you will need to contact the Island Games Secretary from your respective island who will be able to enter your information and photo in the Exis Administration System. For those member who do not have access to a Island Secretary, the Accreditation Request on our website can be completed.
Upon your arrival in Rhodes you will need to go to the Media Centre during the dates and hours mentioned above to pick up your Accreditation and Media pack. This is very important so that we can maintain security of the media area. Whilst we would like to offer these facilities to the public, it would not be secure to do so at such a high profile and popular event. Just as you would protect you home with an ADT security system, we aim to keep the Island Games as safe and secure as possible for all those involved. Therefore we must monitor the access provided to members of the local and international media by issuing this official accreditation. Media accreditation will allow you access to the Media Centre, the special areas reserved for media, the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony Party and the Shuttle service.

At a couple of the main venues there will be areas that only the Media will have access to where they will be able to access the internet and in turn the Live Results.

Kalipatira Sports Complex - Athletics, Beach Volleyball
Nautical Club Of Rhodes - Swimming, Sailing, Triathlon

ISDN Lines:
We are working with the local telecoms provider OTE, and have arranged for the availability of ISDN lines at venues for use by broadcasters. The list below indicates the number of ISDN lines that will be available at each venue. To use these lines from now until Games Time broadcasters will need to reserve times at the desired venue by sending an email to the Media Manager Natasa Pirperi Email: npirperi@rhodes2007.info . Details on the cost of use of the lines and payment methods will be posted within the coming week.

Media Centre - Esperos Palace Hotel - 4 ISDN Lines
Kalipatira Sports Complex - Athletics, Beach Volleyball - 2 ISDN Lines
Nautical Club Of Rhodes - Swimming, Sailing, Triathlon  - 2 ISDN Lines
Venetoklio Indoor Hall - Basketball  - 2 ISDN Lines
Ialyssos Indoor Hall - Basketball  - 2 ISDN Lines
Petaloudes Indoor Hall - Volleyball  - 2 ISDN Lines
Kapodistriou Shooting Hall - Shooting - 1 ISDN Line
College of Rhodes - Table Tennis - 1 ISDN Line
Diagoras Stadium - Football - 2 ISDN Lines
Diagoras Indoor Hall - Volleyball - 1 ISDN Line
Rhodes Tennis Club - Tennis - 1 ISDN Line