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Rhodes2007 Headline News
News of Division:

Sport - Basketball - 05/07/2007 - Basketball Finals
Women: Finals: Prince Eduard Island vs Menorca 12:15pm in Ialyssos Indoor Hall
Bronze Medal: Bermuda vs Guernsey 10:00 in Ialyssos Indoor Hall

Men: Fianls: Menorca vs Bermuda 17:30 in Venetoklio Indoor Hall
Bronze Medal: S...

Sport - Football - 05/07/2007 - Football Finals
Women: 10:00 Prince Eduard island vs Aland in Koskinou Field!
Men: 16:39 Gibraltar vs Rhodes in Diagoras Stadium! Come to see the exciting match!!! 7.000 seats available for spectators!

Sport - Football - 03/07/2007 - Competition Schedule Football 2nd round
The Competition Schedule of the Football Second round is out! Please visit the Football page!

Sport - Volleyball - 02/07/2007 - Volleyball – Beach Volleyball Party
Volleyball – Beach Volleyball Party
This Volleyball and Beach-Volleyball social event will take place in the biggest
Club in Rhodes “PARADISO BEACH club” at 21.00 on Wednesday.
This social event is open to everyone that has been i...

Sports Division - 28/06/2007 - DETAILED COMPETITION SCHEDULE
Please visit to see the detailed Competition Schedule for each sport.

Volunteers Division - 26/06/2007 - Distribution of Accrediation Cards and Uniform
Dear NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 Volunteer,

We inform you that you can keep sending your photos by email ( for your accreditation card until Thursday noon, 28 June.

Comencing Wednesday aftenoon, 27 J...

Volunteers Division - 23/06/2007 - Distribution of Accrediation Cards and Uniform
Dear NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 Volunteer,

Distribution of the Volunteer uniforms and accreditation cards for volunteers that have been assigned to a sport/sector, will take place from Monday, 25th June to Friday, 29th June, daily 10am-1pm and 5...

All Sports - 23/06/2007 - Distribution of Accrediation Cards and Uniforms
Dear NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 Volunteer,

Distribution of the Volunteer uniforms and accreditation cards for volunteers that have been assigned to a sport/sector, will take place from Monday, 25th June to Friday, 29th June, daily 10am-1pm and 5...

Volunteers Division - 14/06/2007 - Volunteer Accreditation Photo
Dear NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 Volunteer,

In order for us to be able to issue your Volunteer Accreditation Card, which you will wear around your neck during the games, we ask you to visit our offices at Amerikis & Efstathiou str., next to the R...

Sport - Volleyball - 09/06/2007 - Volleyball Finals
All Volleyball Competition will be held at the Petaloudes Indoor Hall and at the Diagoras Indoor Hall from 1 to 6 July 2007. Due to the large participation and popularity of the Sport the Womens and Mens Finals are moved to the Ialissos Indoor Hall on Friday ...

Sport - Triathlon - 09/06/2007 - Final Cirquits of Triathlon
The final Maps of the Traithlon Cirquits are set. Triathlon will be held in Rhodes City Centre starting at the Nautical Club of Rhodes. The Competition Programm of the NatWest Island Games XII, Rhodes 2007 will conclude with the Medal Ceremony of Triathlon o...

Sports Division - 18/05/2007 - DRAWS
The Draws for Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Table Tennis (team) took place today at 19:00 in Rhodes. All local Sport Councils and local Media were present as well as many Rhodian Athletes. Please, visit the Sport Page of each Sport to view the draws.

General - 11/05/2007 - 50 days to go! Rhodes 2007 Boutique Open!!
Construction at the athletic venues that will be used for the NatWest Island Games XII, Rhodes 2007, is progressing at a very intense pace. The Kalipatira Sports Complex which will host the Athletics and Beach Volley and where the “Heart of the Games wil...

General - 02/04/2007 - NIKI XANTHOU supporter of the NatWest Island Games
Niki Xanthou, as the greatest female athlete that the island of has ever produced, could not remain "on the sidelines" in the athletic celebration that Rhodes is organizing, the NatWest Island Games XII, Rhodes 2007.

The Organizing Committee approache...

Sport - Sailing - 16/03/2007 - Sailing Sport Guide Updated
The Sailing Sport Guide has been updated 16/03/2007

Sports Division - 14/03/2007 - Updated Competition Schedule 14-03-2007
The updated General Competition Schedule has been updated and is available in the Sport Page.

Volunteers Division - 07/03/2007 - VOLUNTEER DAY - C Real Concert
Volunteer Day of the NatWest Island Games XII, Rhodes 2007 was successfully organised with the support of the National Bank of Greece, “”Gold Sponsor” of the Game Volunteers. The highlight of the event was the performance of the Greek popular...

All Sports - 02/03/2007 - Press Release - IGA Visit to Rhodes
Island Games Association Chairman, Brian Partington and Treasurer, Eric Legg, have completed their visit to Rhodes in preparation for the XII NatWest Island Games from 30 June- 6th July 2007. They have met with the Organizing Committee, representatives of Muni...

Sport - Shooting - 19/02/2007 - Shooting Declaration Form Guidelines


The DECLARATION FORM, for GUNS and AMMUNITIONS, has been sent to all member Islands IGAs Secretaries by email.

All FORMS must be signed and sent BY FAX to the Organising Com...

Marketing Division - 22/01/2007 - MASCOT of the NatWest Island Games XII Rho
And the MASCOT of the NatWest Island Games XII Rhodes 2007 is……….

“Rhodelios” is a little deer. It was chosen as a mascot because of the deer “Platoni”, a species of deer that li...

Sports Division - 19/12/2006 - Updated Sport Guides - By Laws
All Sports Guides for all Sports are now updated. All approved BYLAWS, sent by the IGA in October 2006 for each sport are now available online in the Sport Guides of each Sport. Please, visit the updated Sport Guides in each Sport Page.

Sport - Basketball - 10/12/2006 - Basketball Sport Guide Updated
The Basketball Sport Guide has been updatedThe brand of the ball for Basketball that will be used in the Rhodes 2007 NatWest Island Games for Men and Women has been added in Chapter 8.

Sport - Volleyball - 10/12/2006 - Volleyball Sport Guide Updated
The Volleyball & Beach Volley Sport Guide has been updated. The brand of the ball for Volleyball and Beach Volley that will be used at the Rhodes 2007 NatWest Island Games, has been added in Chapter 8.

Sport - Judo - 09/12/2006 - Judo Sport Guide Updated
The Sport Guide for Judo has been published and is online. The Sport Guide refers to details about the organization of the Judo Competition.

Sport - Volleyball - 02/12/2006 - Volleyball Sport Guide Updated
The Sport Guide has been updated.

Sport - Sailing - 02/12/2006 - Sailing Sport Guide Updated
The Sport Guide has been updated.

Sports Division - 29/11/2006 - Sport Guides Online
The Sport Guides for all sports except Judo and Shooting(these will be
updated as soon as possible), are now available on our Website. The Sport
Guides contain information regarding the organization of each sport for the
NatWest Island Games XII, ...

Sports Division - 08/03/2006 - New Draft of the Competition Schedule
The second Draft of the Competition schedule is finalized!
Starting and Ending times and all sessions in each sport are mentioned.
Due to the planning progress changes also in days are made to some sports.
See the template in the Sports Page.

Sport - Football - 08/03/2006 - Football field types
Due to the high participation of Islands, the demand on Football fields is high and it is necessary to use also artificial grass fields.
In order the teams to play under the same conditions throughout the tournament it was decided that:
All Men...

Sport - Judo - 08/03/2006 - The Judo Categories have been decided
Judo is a sport that is back at the Island Games Competition Schedule after 12 years. In Rhodes Judo is a well known sport with many athletes. The Judo Categories for the Nat West Island Games in Rhodes 2007 are:

Men: 60kg,66kg,73kg,81kg,90kg,-100...

Sport - Tennis - 02/12/2005 - Tennis is back in the NatWest Island Games XII, Rh
Tennis Coordinator’s Welcome Note

Anthony Kountouris
Tennis Coordinator
Rhodes Tennis Team, Head Coach

First of all I would like to invite you all to the 2007 NatWest Island Games Tennis Tourname...

Sport - Sailing - 28/07/2005 - New updated page for sailing
Today we updated the Sailing sport page with new photos from the Nautical Club of Rhodes (N.O.R.) training session, with pictures of optimist and laser categories.
In addition we added the photo of windsurfing from an international freestyle tournament thi...

Technology Division - 23/07/2005 - New webpage - Member Islands
The new page 'Member Islands' is now available, where the list of all member islands with their flags and island information is displayed.
The visitors can sort by island size, area, population density. Links to the member island's web pages are also avail...

Technology Division - 06/07/2005 - Sports Coordinators and emails
The website was updated today with the photos of the sports coordinators. In addition, all email addesses have been set up and are ready for use.

All Sports - 23/06/2005 - Swimming, Athletics, Tennis and Judo uptated
Sports Swimming, Athletics, Tennis and Judo are now updated with new photos of the facilities. Visit the pages of these sports to view the current condition of the facilities.
The photos are an offer of and

Technology Division - 21/06/2005 - News system online!
The news system is now operational and supports news entries by division and sport. The system will keep a record of the progress of Rhodes Island's preparations as well as all sports news and events.

Emmanouil Filippou