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02/04/2007  NIKI XANTHOU supporter of the NatWest Island Games
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Niki Xanthou, as the greatest female athlete that the island of has ever produced, could not remain "on the sidelines" in the athletic celebration that Rhodes is organizing, the NatWest Island Games XII, Rhodes 2007.

The Organizing Committee approached Ms Xanthou, urging her to become an active member and to assist in promoting the Games both nationally and internationally. Niki Xanthou immediately accepted the invitation, due to her belief in the specific event and also because of the opportunity that it gives her to promote her home island, Rhodes.

On Thursday 5th of April Niki Xanthou will be in Rhodes, and at a Press Conference to be held in the Municipal Chamber at 11:30 am in the presence of the Mayor of Rhodes Mr Hatzis Hatziefthimiou, she will be officially introduced as a member of the Organizing Committee and a supporter of the Games.
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