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NatWest Island Games Archery

The Archery Organising Team welcomes and invites you to participate in the NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 XII.

Although Archery made its first appearance on the island of Rhodes in 2002, due to the efforts of the Rhodes IGA, it already has many fans and for the first time Rhodes will participate in Shetland 2005 with four athletes.

Since Archery is an Olympic Sport, Rhodes had the honour of hosting the Archery Olympic Team of Taiwan for a two week Pre-Olympic Training Camp. The team went on to win one Silver and one Bronze medal in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

The venue that will host both, the Olympic Round and the FITA event, the "Municipal Field of Fitorio" is an ideal field for Archery. It is located close to the athletes' accommodation area and covers all Olympic technical requirements. The Prefecture of the Dodecanese has taken the initiative to upgrade the facility.

Archery Coordinator

Evangelos Leventis and his Team are responsible for Organising the Archery Competition for the NatWest Island Games XII, Rhodes 2007. Archery is a "new" sport on the Island!! Due to the efforts of the Rhodes Island Games Association the first archery athletes started to train the last few years. Evaggelos, a lawyer first got involved with the sport as an athlete and due to his enthusiasm he has contributed to the organization and development of the sport since its first steps and is now the Sport Coordinator for Archery.

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