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NatWest Island Games Athletics
Rhodes Ancient Stadium, facilitated Diagoria International Athletics competition

The Athletics Organising Team welcomes and invites you to participate in the NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 XII.

The sport of Athletics has had its roots since ancient times on the Island of Rhodes. All participants will have the opportunity to visit the islands Ancient Stadium. As a very popular sport on the island many athletes participate in international events, the Olympic Games and have even won medals in IAAF World Championships.

Athletics has a well-organised local association supported by the National Federation of Athletics, with vast experience in organising events at the National level having participants in all athletic events.

The athletic events will be hosted in the newly constructed, 400m 8 lane, Track and Field of the "Kalipatira Sports Complex" located close to the accommodation area. The half marathon will be held in the City of Rhodes starting from the Ancient Stadium. Athletes will also have the option to train in the newly constructed track and field of "Agios Silas".

Athletics Coordinator:

George Rakopoulos and his team are responsible for organising the Athletics Competition for the NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 XII. A former volleyball player and a Physical Education Teacher, he has been involved with sports and athletics for many years and as a member of the local association he has organised many Athletics Events.

Kalipatira Athletics Center - Current Progress
Kalipatira Stadium Plans - Currently under development, nearly finished

Stadium for Athletics in Rhodes 2007
The Municipal Athletic center KALLIPATEIRA 2 kilometers from the center of Rhodes town, next to Zefiros beach.

The new track that is under last stages of development, at the athletics center KALLIPATEIRA, is the center that will host the Athletics Rhodes 2007 event.

It is 8 track, 400m with 132m in the straight. 2000 spectator seats, change rooms with 6 showers for men and 6 for women accessible to people with special needs. It also has a 400 vehicle parking space lot.

It was successfully one of the special-olympics 2004 training facilities.

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Info about Athletics:
George Rakopoulos
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