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NatWest Island Games Cycling
Tour of Rhodes International Competition - Rhodes medieval castle top, outside rhodes town bottom

The Cycling Organising Team welcomes and invites you to participate in the NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 XII.

Cycling is a popular sport in Rhodes, and it's history goes back many years, considering that the only velodrome, prior to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, existed in Rhodes since 1920. Four Cycling Clubs, with athletes training in all disciplines are members of the Local Cycling Association, which is supported by the National Cycling Federation.

National and International Cycling events are frequently organised in Rhodes. The "Tour of Rhodes" has been organised for 9 years, is known world-wide and was written in the UCI world Calendar as Category 2/3. Twentysix professional Cycling teams (156 athletes) participated and covered a distance of 580km - 630km, in four etaps and one circuit.

Cycling athletes competed in the 1999, 2001 and 2003 NatWest Island Games and the women's team won the bronze medal in the "Town Criterium" event in the Isle of Man, 2001. In Shetland 2005 athletes will participate in all cycling events. The four events: Time Trial, Road Race, Town Criterium and Mountain Bike, will be organised in the NatWest Island Games XII in Rhodes 2007. All circuits are part of the "Tour of Rhodes" which are recognised by the International Cycling Federation. The mountain bike circuit is ideally located in the 'Agios Silas' area, where many mountain bike events have been successfully organised.

Cycling Coordinator:

George Vogiatzis and his team are responsible for organising the Cycling Events for the NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 XII. For many years he was a cycling athlete and later on became involved in organising Cycling Events. Heading the organisation of all nine "Tour of Rhodes" events, he is considered the most experienced person in organising cycling events.

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