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NatWest Island Games Triathlon

The Triathlon Organising Team welcomes and invites you to participate in the NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 XII.

A perfect location for Triathlons with an ideal climate an abundance of sea, sun and picturesque locations, more and more athletes are getting involved in this exciting sport.

Two clubs exist in Rhodes and, with the support of the National Federation, organise several activities such as training camps of the Greek National team and various local competitions.

Triathlon will be held in the beautiful Aegean sea on the west side of Rhodes and the circuits for cycling and running have been designed in and around the town centre of Rhodes, promising many spectators.

Triathlon Coordinator:

George Economidis and his team are responsible for organ-ising the Men's and women's Triathlon Competitions for the NatWest Island Games Rhodes 2007 XII. A former triathlete who has competed in international events all over the world, the experience that he has gathered will assist in the successful organisation of an exiting competition.

Rhodes2007 • Triathlon Headline News

Sport - Triathlon - 09/06/2007 - Final Cirquits of Triathlon
The final Maps of the Traithlon Cirquits are set. Triathlon will be held in Rhodes City Centre starting at the Nautical Club of Rhodes. The Competition Programm of the NatWest Island Games XII, Rhodes 2007 will conclude with the Medal Ceremony of Triathlon o...

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